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There is no coincidence in the fact that I am completely absorbed within the creation of magickal art tools and the fact that as I sculpt, these creations evolve within the wood’s own magickal (Dryad) spirit. No matter what I may wish for as I begin to shapeshift, each piece simply blossoms on its own into exactly what it personally wishes to express. I feel I am simply a tool, or port at this point, guided within the dryadic flow of each unique piece of art. Therefore, requests for specific items are not being accepted. I flow within the “will” of the wood.

People understand that trees are alive when standing tall and reaching to touch the heavens. But many think that when a tree has fallen or is broken, it is dead. Actually this is very far from the truth. Even when a tree branch appears to be rotten to the core by all examinations, it is still very much alive and its spirit or dryad, is simply drowsy or sleeping, awaiting the touch of another soul to reawaken it. Much like one person's spirit touching another’s.
Throughout time, magickal tools such as Wands, Scepters and Staffs, have been masterfully created from woods of certain trees believed to behold much power. I have touched the sleeping dryad and am in complete alignment when I shapeshift within certain types of wood. Driftwood and Willow are, in my opinion, the most naturally enchanted woods and are two of my favorites. They both offer a multitude of qualities for a positive magickal energy exchange.

The willow embodies everything feminine and for all descriptive purposes, the willow is the Goddess herself. The shape and form of the willow is majestic, yet delicate.
How the willow moves in the wind embodies elegance and can be described as a natural graceful ballet. The willow births, bends, soothes and calms as a mother.
The willow is most strongly aligned with the element of water and is also associated with the 5th element, spirit. Although, within its dance, it unites the elements of earth, water, and air. It is considered a most sacred tree. It is associated with the hare and for good reason. We all know what the hare likes to do best... Wash, rinse and repeat right? But did you know that if you sever a willow branch and then place it directly into the earth, it will rebirth itself into another new tree? This is true and much like the Phoenix bird, it rebirths itself at “will”.
Magickal tools, when shape shifted from willow, embrace exceptional strength within the cycles of life, rebirth and death, change, and the “will”.  Willow can add vital energy to the sick and elderly.  Willow wood is the very essence of the cycles of life and magick, not just the mere making of a tool into a magickal one, willow makes the tool magickal and is also a very emotional wood.
Hence its name, willow aligns its powers to the “inner will” of the party that shares its energy, the stronger the “will”, the more effective the tool. Willow is extremely useful in healing and is also good for love spells and rituals involving emotion. It strengthens the third eye, and is a great tool for divination as well. Its positive uses are endless, just as its own will, or Dryad demonstrates.

While each tree celebrates its own unique magickal qualities, when wood becomes enveloped in water’s ebb and flow, its original properties and form become altered by the additions of other multiple energies it then encounters. The wood absorbs the new energies from life sources which are also housed within the water. And too, since it no longer is restrained by roots and earth, within its newfound freedom of travel, wood’s magickal energy base and form is then continuously enhanced by a multitude of natural forces. Therefore, I believe it is not necessary to know the original source of a driftwood’s birthright, to be certain of the magickal properties which are contained within its dryad. Driftwood is wood transformed naturally into enchanted magickal deliciousness via a gift of the Mother Gaia. I choose not to question it further.

According to mainstream views, Magickal Wands are normally quite small and straight, reaching around 8 -16 inches in length. Magickal Staffs range from approximately waste high to slightly taller than the average person and Magickal Scepters fall somewhere between these two. These are the “3 basic acceptable guidelines” it seems, although it has become apparent to me that no one was asking the wood’s dryad when determining these. Willow wood and driftwood sometimes appear to reach into unique directions which are very rarely “straight”.
Driftwood becomes thirsty once removed from the water and upon completion, enjoys a complimentary “finish” of wax, varnish or oils. Willow strongly desires no “finishing” due to its need to be open and breathe freely. My magickal Willow tools are always left naked, though sanded and rubbed to a glossy finish of their own natural will, and prefer to stay that way. Please do not add any “finishes” to these pieces as I believe it will suffocate and inhibit their powers. Willow is naturally as soft as silk and as light as air.
You will notice as you browse through these pages of Magickal tools, very few of the Staffs have chosen to be straight, nor the Scepters. Some are simpler in design and some very complex, while others may fall within a class of their own. I ask that as you explore these pages, you would be so kind as to open your mind and allow these pieces to reach into the deepest part of your soul and free flow into however many directions they may touch upon. Please be very selective within your choices due to the personal nature of these items. The magick lies within you, and not necessarily the tool, even though each tool exhibits exceptional magickal auras. Each tool has been enchanted during the shape shifting process and consecrated with moon water, enhanced with positive lovelight and good will. Even though these practices have been strictly followed, upon arrival, may I suggest that you perform your own personal dedication ritual for your new Magickal tool. I personally sculpt each item and guarantee that they are all unique with no two ever alike. The item you see pictured is the one you will receive after payment. There is really only one of each.

*Please make your selection wisely to avoid having to return an item after purchase. If you feel the need to return an item, return shipping would be your responsibility. The buyer has 7 days to return the item (the buyer pays return shipping fees). The purchase price will be refunded. I accept PayPal and wish for payment to be made within 24 hours of purchase please to secure the listing. Until a buyer completes the transaction with payment, the item will remain available to other buyers for the duration of the listing. Once payment has been secured, I will carefully package, insure, certify and quickly ship your item via USPS or UPS. I currently ship to the lower 48 states and reflect shipping charges for only these. (If you live elsewhere and wish to make a purchase, please send an inquiry for shipping charges, prior to purchasing an item). If you have any concerns or questions regarding your purchase, please contact me for speedy resolution. Any questions, feedback or comments are welcomed. Thanks for visiting and please check back frequently for all of the newest, delicious magickal additions. You never know what you might find here and frankly, neither do I. dgypsy
A little background on basic wood properties:
Magickal Properties of Willow, “The Witches Tree”:
Magickal Properties of Unknown Driftwood:
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This graceful Willow staff spirals into 63 1/4" of height and gently embraces a 4 ˝” rose aura double terminated Quartz Crystal at its peak while a Copper band arabesques in elegance.
Quartz is a powerful stone and enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. It also possesses the ability to block negativity and aids in healing. The beautiful rose aura is achieved by heating a clear Quartz crystal to a very intense temperature while adding gold and silver. The super heating then bonds the metals with the crystal and illuminates from within.
Copper symbolizes Venus and holds a solar emblem corresponding with the radiant features of the sun and also assists in relieving energy blockages.
A found bone object enhances this staff below the radiant crystal. Bones can be considered as a symbol of mortality and represents permanence beyond death. As a mark of permanence, bones can also be seen to represent the earth. In the same way, bones can represent our truest, barest self. They are lasting, and are the frame of our bodies - they are our home and anchor in the physical world.

Wood: Willow
Metal: Copper, Sterling Silver, Brass bells
Stones: Quartz Crystal
Other: Leather, Bone
Length: 63.25" (5' 3.25")
Price: $225 + $40 S&H SOLD

Please see “Who Am I” below, for a more detailed understanding of your new staff.
Each staff is unique and one of a kind. Item pictured is the item you will receive.
Edain Staff
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