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Rune Magic Wands
Find the rune for the energy you desire to use in this or another guide, find the matching rune on the wand.
Stare intently at the rune in the wand, imagine you are connected to the wand through this rune.
Say "I summon the power of the "______" rune into this wand"
Repeat this nine times.
Envision the rune glowing bright gold (or another color of your choice/feeling).
Imagine that this is activating the power of the rune within the wand.
Imagine the rune wand surging with this specific energy.

Your wand is now activated with your chosen rune. With practice the rune activation will become easier and stronger, it is also possible to mix rune energies. Be sure to know what rune abilities you are activating before you activate them.

At this point you can use the wand as you normally would in exercise or ritual.
If you do not already have a exercise/ritual set up you may want to use the following one.

After activating the rune energies you wish to use, hold the wand in your primary hand as if you were holding a paintbrush.

Imagine that the universe is made up of streams of code, these streams of code make up everything we know to exist. Will the code involving your life and the circumstances you wish to work with to be visible and seen directly in front of you. See the streams of code flow by like a slow moving gentle stream.

Take your magic rune wand and write in the energies you wish to use surrounding circumstances and moments within your life. Write in the energies so that your streams have the nutrients they need to grow into your desired manifestation.

NEVER write in direct happenings, i.e. don't write in Lucie Loo is going to fall madly in love with me. Instead write in "I have the love of my life, and she wants to be with me". Don't write in I am making a lot of money from this deal/job. Instead write in "I have a tremendous amount of prosperity/money coming to me right now" Or " I am so happy that I have this much prosperity in my life"

Use "I have" rather than "I need"

Its also very helpful to associate a happy feeling with the moment you are trying to manifest
"I feel so happy now that I have my new job".

Simply imagine your manifestation, then surround the code (you are imagining) around that possible event with the energy you chose to use (rune activation). When done, allow the code to return to the universe, thank the wand and the universe for the completed manifestation.
Writing the code of the universe:
Rune wand exercise:
On this page you will find basic information, meanings and usage on runes and rune magic wands. Our rune magic wand exercise is one suggestion on how to use a rune wand, but by all means use what you feel comfortable with. Suggested for the more advanced magic wand user.
FEHU: Money, property, fullfillment, good luck, dynamic power, goals reached.
URUZ: Advancement, good furtune, happiness, basic powers of manifestation.
THURISAZ: Journey over Water. Good news from a distance. Inner strength to break resistance or pass time of waiting.
ANSUZ: Transformation, new goals, information that changes your life.
RAIDHO: Journey, getting to the truth, seeing through illusions.
KENAZ: The rune of craftsmen and the cryaft or sly. Controlled energy for dissolution. Life-strength, ambition, determination, inspiration.
GEBO: The exchange of force or power between gods and humans. Wedding, legacies, promotion, windfall.
WUNJO: Security, comfort, happiness, good social life.
HAGALAZ: Ability to bring opposites into harmony. Delays waiting for the right time.
ISA: Period of absolute stillness. Be careful of what you say.
NAUTHIZ: Distress that clouds reality, something out of the past that drives you (not necessarily good). Caution needed to succeed.
JERA: A Cycle, time, reaping rewards, no quick results.
EIHWAZ: End of a matter, situation or problem. Drastic change. Death of a relationship.
PERTHRO: Chance, unexpected material gain, surprise.
ALGIZ: Visible movement, blockages removed.
SOWILO: Change, guidance, time of renewal, drastic changes, complete turnaround, advancement if plans, change of residence.
TIWAZ: Unbiased wisdom, justice, law and order. Justified victory and success.
BERKANO: Creativity, new beginings, birth, marriage.
EHWAZ: Trust, self-transformation new attitude, new home, new goals, steady progress.
MANNAZ: Man, lover or husband, male influences in life. New career opportunities.
LAGUZ: Hidden movement below the surface, no progress seen but it is happening. Life energy, manifestation coming from other planes.
INGWAZ: Creating life-force at work. Family relatives, children, parents, spouce. Benefits from relatives.
DAGAZ: Sudden realization, awakening, mystic light, attraction between two people. Choice.
OTHALA: Inborn qualities, tangible possessions.
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