These healing wands are primarily used to cleanse, energize and balance the etheric field within and surounding the body. When the etheric body is healthy the physical body has a much easier time becoming healthy. We use only genuine gemstones, we do not craft our wands with glass.
What others have said:
“Two weeks ago I picked up one of the copper wands for healing. I use it every day for 15 minutes a day and I have had no more pain for over a week now. You should try it, they really work great.” -Audrey-

“My step-mother purchased a Balancing Amulet. She has extemely bad lungs. You did some healing with a copper wand and she has not had to to use her inhaler since. Three days later I purchased a Balancing Amulet and I am walking with little or no pain in my legs.” -Jane-

"Three weeks before coming into Merlins Realm I had a crash on my bicycle, hurting my left hand. On the day I came into the shop, my hand was in a lot of pain and my thumb was swollen. A couple of different copper healing wands were used on my hand. I sat there and watched the swelling go down. If I had not seen it and felt it, I would not have believed it. The pain was gone and the swelling was gone. These wands definitely work!" -Terry-
* (Legal disclaimer) These devices are not intended to cure or prevent any illness or disease. If you need medical attention seek the advice of a professional health care provider.
Design your own copper healing wand. Each of these wands will be built to your custom specifications. Follow your intuition when designing a wand. Each wand is approx 6.5 inches in length. Color size and shape will vary from stone to stone and from wand to wand.
CLEAR QUARTZ: Quartz is one of the most powerful healing and energy amplifier. It absorbs. stores , releases, and regulates energy.

FLUORITE. Aura cleanser, rids it of unwanted energies. Keeps others from making energetic attachments.

ROSE QUARTZ. Attract love and friendship. Awareness of your true self. Assists in communicating with spirit guides.

AMETHYST. Keep in touch with your spiritual side. Calms impatience. Balances and heals all chakras.

EMERALD. Mood for communication. Balancing in communication difficulties, or trying to find truth when there's a lot to sort thru.

GARNET. Best stone for productivity. Prosperity. Having life exactly as you would like it to be.

AMAZONITE. Prosperity, self-confidence. Gives the feeling it's possible to have whatever you want. Discourages self-destructive behavior.

PEARL. For wisdom. Each pearl absorbs and holds a different inspirational thought.

PERIDOT. Stimulates growth at the essence level. Opens the adventure box of life and new challenges abound.

SMOKY QUARTZ. Helps you distinguish between what you want and don't want, and be clear about which is which.

Amethyst Sphere Custom Copper Wand $34 - $35.50
This wand is used for aiding the user in astral travel, extremely helpful for moving out of body, protecting oneself while astral traveling, promotes clarity of astral sight and helps disconnect from unwanted astral entities.

LENGTH: 13.7 inches
STONES: Blue Kyanite, Green Kyanite, Fluorite, Amethyst and a Herkimer Diamond.
NOTES: Blue Velour Wand Pouch included

Getting out of body: Hold the wand with both hands and send energy into it. Let go of your hold to your astral form (imagine letting go).
While traveling: hold the wand in one or both hands, and follow your intuition for further usage. The wand will speak to you.

WARNING-----------This is a Powerful Wand---------------WARNING
If you do not know and/or have not done astral traveling DO NOT use this wand.The first time I activated this style of wand I quickly went out of body. Hence, if you do not know how to astral travel and do not know how to return to your body, DO NOT use this wand.

You may have no idea how uncomfortable it is to be snapped out of body and not know how to get back in your body. I do not want you to experience this.

Merlin's Realm or its employees/affiliates cannot be held responsible for and injuries or damages from the use or misuse of any of our products. Use at your own risk.
WARNING-----------This is a Powerful Wand---------------WARNING

$95 SOLD
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Powered by:
Positive coils throughout the wand create a gentle vortex of moving energy.
Personally added chi.
(Charging wand within a golden ratio pyramid will greatly amplify the vortex energy)

Healing/Balancing Effects come from:
Copper: Breaks through energy blockages, improves circulation
Spiral vortex: promotes etheric and physical circulation
Gemstones: Changes the wands vortex energy field based on gemstones chosen
Golden Ratio Pyramids
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Clear Quartz Crystal Tip
Middle Stone:
Fluorite, Moss Agate and Clear Crystal Tip.
Approx 6.5 inches in length.
Middle Stone:
Amethyst Crystal Tip
Middle Stone:
General Healing Wand
Rose Quartz Crystal Tip
Design your own Wand!
First decide on the crystal tip, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz or Amethyst, the click "add to cart" under the crystal tip you want for your wand.

Second select the middle gemstone you would like from the drop down list.
Then your design is complete!
Fluorite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst Crystal Tip.
Approx 6.5 inches in length.
Fluorite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst Healing Wand
Please Be aware: These are custom made to order items. They usually take 1-2 weeks crafting time, it is possible for them to take longer. Assuming we correctly made your wand, we cannot offer refunds on custom items.
Copper Wand Upgrade: $10
Larger Crystal Tip for Amethyst & Clear Quartz, Longer Wand, More Stones. (It's Worth It)
Add this to any copper wand order
Copper Wand Upgrade: $10
Larger Crystal Tip, Longer Wand, More Stones. (It's Worth It)
Add this to any copper wand order