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The Golden Guardian Magic Wand
In a time and place far, far away, there was a great silver tree whose wood possessed great magical powers. Occasionally, the tree would drop a branch an would be used by wizards and sorcerers alike for its magical strength. While the tree was beautiful to behold, many people over time started to covet the wood and the power it bestowed upon them, and so made a plot to chop down the tree. When that same group of people arrived in front of the tree, axes ready to chop, a snake gold in color slithered out of the leaves of the great plant. The snake spoke, pleading with them not to harm the tree, however the people would not listen. So the snake, desperate to save the tree lunged at the selfish horde, chasing them about until they eventually fled. Every night the people would return, more set in their ways than the night before, and the snake would again and again fight them off. This happened for weeks until one evening a man took his axe and struck at the serpent, killing him. The shining silver tree grumbled at the death of the snake, and using all the magic in its form, picked up the body of its golden protector in its branches. With a final groan, the tree crumbled and died in front of the mass of people, rotting away into nothing before them. Years later, a young girl walked by the spot where the tree once stood and found pillowed in the grass a silver wood wand very similar to the wand that used to be made from the silver tree. There was however, one large difference, the wand she held in her hands had a golden snake with crystal eyes coiled around it tightly, embracing the wand. It seemed the tree had one last wand to make, and made sure its protector would be with it forever.

Told as a fantasy story, Written by Stephen Woolf
All Rights Reserved Merlin’s Realm 2012
Length: 15 inches
Wood: Surina
Snake Eyes: Plastic Gems
Pouch and story included
SALE $26.95