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Ebony is regarded as one of the most powerful of all magical woods. It channels engery of all types freely, for any purposes. It is often used for potent protection spells or the making of amulets.
Length: 17 inches
Wood: Ebony
Black velvet wand pouch included.

Skill Level: Advanced - Master
While this wand could be good for beginners I would not suggest it to the undisciplined mind because of the strength boost. What you intend while holding this wand becomes rather amplified.

Wizard Notes: Powerful and heavy this is the prized pick of our Masters Wands. These are some of the most powerful all wood wands I've been able to work with. The Ebony demands presence and adds strength and potency to any exercise done with the wand. I have never seen such a strength boost in the energy workings as I have with these Ebony Master Wands.

This is my personal magic wand of choice.
"As soon as my fingers touched the ebony magic wand to take it out of the velvet pouch - I knew it was the right one - I could feel it. Then when I saw it, I was elated. It's PERFECT! I only have to hold it for a second or two, and the tip noticeably warms up, while the rest of the wand remains cool. Simply the wand is working with my energy, and for that I am very thankful. When I saw the picture of the ebony wand on your site with the tear-drop image in the wood grain, I had to have that wand. Thank you very much for sending me this one and so quickly. My spirits have lifted tremendously since receiving it last night." -Amber-
Because no basic wand will do for a masters personal wand this special wand is well made with fantastic balance and an extra level of enchanting making its magical pressence even more noticable than before. Of course you dont need to be a master to use or own one. And we dont use the term master lightly, this is a very high quality magic wand.

A quality velvet magic wand pouch is included with each masters wand.

In order to support the forests which this wood came from, we make regular donations to the replanting of trees in Africa (such as ebony).